Can we transfer Pinakotag's data to another database?

Yes. Pinakotag is designed in such a way that data extraction is very simple and allows its integration into any other existing database. This also allows Pinakotag to be used in parallel with an existing system.

Does using Pinakotag mean my collection will be published online?

No. Collections are only connected if the owner so requests it. This feature allows the works to become interconnected. For example: a painting and its study, kept in two different collections.

If the works are interconnected, does that mean that anyone can see my data?

Only basic data is shared, usually the main photo and the descriptive sheet. You choose what information you want to share, if any at all, for each piece. You can also choose if you want your collection to be stored online in our servers or locally in yours.

How are the accesses secured?

Access to the online database is done through your unique username, which you received when your personal space was created. You can log in to the application by scanning your individually configured badge. This configuration makes it possible to define the elements open to each user (status report, inventory, reading, writing, etc.). It can be modified at any time and new accesses can be added according to the users’ evolution.

How much does it cost?

The implementation of Pinakotag requires two steps:
1. - The definition of specifications, which requires:
- An audit of the collection to assess the nature of the works and their number, which will determine the working methods.
- An audit of the available documentation in order to evaluate the amount of data to be organized, and to propose a working method to digitize what is needed.
- An audit of the existing digital data to assess the extent of data integration in a consistent manner and in line with the specificities of the collection and the needs of managers.

2. - The system’s deployment:
- Database migration and integration of new data
- The training of your teams and the assistance in tagging objects
- The necessary equipment
- The configuration of the modules
- The setting of the different accesses

It is for these reasons that each project is the subject of a personalized proposal according to your needs and expectations.
Once everything is set up, a customised and scalable on-request subscription, based on the number of works managed, is possible.